Kawaii Me!!

At first I wanted to choose the name KAWAII NAILS, but wtf, it's taken. damnit.

Now this site will be selling handpainted acrylic nail tips which is not air brushed ok! I know lah, air brush is so much nicer, but this is done purely out of my interest. And It'll be much cheaper than the ones sold outside!

I have been doing nails (out of interest) since I was young so I guess I'm not to bad at it.

If you have any designs you like, tell me, I will try to make it for you at a minimal charge compared to going to the shops!

Take note that these are acrylic nail tips and not the powdered acrylic nails as that will really cost you 5-10 times more!!!!

KAWAII neh!!!!

Important stuffs neh!

Ok babes, the Nails will be posted out via POS EKSPRES, So there will be a flat rate of RM5.00! Its small enough to be put into your mail box as an envelop plus its safe too!!!! :D

Please remember that all these nail tips need to be filed down to your desired shape and size, its a one-size-fit all theory, so I am pretty much sure that the nails can be filed down to fit your fingers!


I'm selling the nail glue which is the professional ones they use in the salons at RM17.00 at sale value. This glue can last you forever! And it's really good as well!!!!! :D So tell me if you need the glue : If you need a nail file, I'm also selling the good ones at RM7.00 :

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lady Bug

Align Center
RM 8.00

Hawaiian Girl

RM 8.00

Chanel Floral

RM 10.00

Cotton Candy

RM 10.00

Converse Star

RM 10.00

Diamond Effect

RM 7.00

Fruit Punch

RM 10.00

Polka Craze

RM 8.00


Price : RM 8.00

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